A little about me

I believe:

  • The universe is a magical place, when one taps in to the positive energy.
  • That people are born with greatness within them.
  • That things truly work out for the better good, even when you think it can not possibly happen.
  • That the energy you put out, comes back to you in amazing ways.
  • That there is room in every day to have fun, be silly, smile and laugh.
  • When you live with joy in your heart, amazing things happen.
  • If you ask for guidance or help, the universe works in your favour.
  • When you are open, experiences will present themselves.

You just have to learn to listen to your inner guidance and your soul whispers. If you want to learn how, book a free call today.

How do I know these things are true?

I have an uncanny ability to pick winning lottery tickets. Once winning 5/6 numbers on a lottery. That lead to an amazing adventure in Montreal, enjoying a Madonna concert with friends.

I have an ability to manifest what I desire. I am clear in what I want and then release it to the universe. After my separation, I had a list of qualities I wanted in my next partner. He appeared within the month, matching everything on my list. Over 5 years later we are still together and planning a wedding. Our wedding will be very different than a typical wedding! 

I am open to adventure. I love talking to strangers and seeing how a day will unfold. One of my favourite days was getting together with other women I had met on the internet. We spent a day touring Hearst Castle, on the coast of California. While driving back to the hotel, we took a random turn towards the ocean, and arrived at unknown restaurant. There we laughed while the sun was setting, chatted with the owner and enjoying each others company.

When I hear that little whisper that tells me to do something, I do it. Sometimes I go for walks and run into old friends and new ones. I’ll take a day for myself to enjoying a nap, time at the spa or walks in nature, to replenish my soul.


Spending time with me, one will experience my use of humour and the odd curse word. This may lead to fits of giggles and loud laughter. Kleenex should be near by, as our eyes water with joy. Other times you may experience the flow of tears, as strong emotions flow through, clearing way for better feelings.

Open yourself up to trying something new. Book a call today, and we can discuss tapping into your inner guidance and soul whispers.